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What Jensen Ackles Revealed About Directing at San Diego Comic Con October 15, 2010

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photo courtesy of The CW/Jack Rowand

At the press round table at San Diego Comic Con 2010, Jensen Ackles was asked about his directorial debut on Supernatural‘s fourth episode of the sixth season, an opportunity he had been preparing himself for since season one.  You may read about his answers in my article on Suite 101.com which you can access here:

It’s Good to be Captain: Jensen Ackles Helms Supernatural Tonight

photo courtesy of 2010 Warner Bros Entertainment/Greg Gayne

I also had the opportunity to ask executive producer and sixth season showrunner Sera Gamble for her thoughts on how pleased the writers were with the episode Jensen turned in and her comments are also in the article.

And then in an exclusive, I asked my friend Bob Singer to give me his thoughts on Jensen directing, since Bob has directed many of Suernatural’s episodes and is still an executive producer on the show.  And he was kind enough to provide me with a statement as well.

photo courtesy of The CW/Jack Rowand

However, as always, there is information that one can not fit into an article, space-wise, so for you readers here, I offer the following quote that I didn’t have room for.  When asked about Dean Wincester’s feelings over which of two lives he wants to live, Jensen said: “Well, from what I know so far, you know, it’s a reluctancy[sic], there’s definitely an inner battle between wanting to stay out of the game and wanting to live a life and wanting to be there for this woman and child that he’s now become a family to. There’s also that undeniable urge of being a hunter.  That’s what he does. That’s what he’s known. So that kind of battle of wanting to protect his family,  and keep them as far away from it as possible, but in doing that, he’s getting deeper and deeper back into it.”

Supernatural airs on CW Network on Fridays at 9pm ET/PT. 

Read more at Suite101: It’s Good to be Captain: Jensen Ackles Helms Supernatural Tonight http://www.suite101.com/content/its-good-to-be-captain-jensen-ackles-helms-supernatural-tonight-a297358#ixzz15VhpGIn4