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White Collar Articles – Hanging with the Cast at Comic Con 2010 November 14, 2010

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Photo by C.A. Taylor

Tim Dekay at San Diego Comic Con 2010

My articles on White Collar from the press conference I attended in July 2010 at the San Diego Comic Con have been up for quite some time at Suite 101.com.  I apologize for not getting the notice for WordPress people up sooner.  I’ve just been incredibly busy.

As always, there is more information than one can ever use, so I thought I’d put a few tidbits from Sharif Atkins and Marsha Thomason up here.  Also, the photos here are from my private collection — ones I took on the red carpet. Unfortunately, my photos of the lovely Marsha Thomason did not come out well.

Those on the official Suite101.com site are publicity releases through the kindness of USA Network.

Matt Bomer at San Diego Comic Con 2010

On the question of if the cast gets any input into the scripts…

Sharif: The cast does it really well.  We all get a chance to talk to Tim and Matt.  They do it really well.  We get a lot of rewrites.  We get like about eight—so sometimes what’s happening is they rewrite a scene and the scene itself is okay, but then it doesn’t quite link up with two scenes that you’ve done a couple of days before.  So they’re so on it that they are able to say, we’ve said this twice already. For us to say it a third time is absolutely ridiculous and it’s going to get very redundant.  So they’re really good at making sure that the logic of the show stay intact.

Matt Bomer and Tim Dekay at San Diego Comic Con

Marsha:  Again, I’m really learning about Diana’s backstory as we go.  No, I don’t. Jeff gave me a heads up before we shot episode 2… she’s the daughter of a diplomat, she grew up in hotels, her parents – this is something I didn’t say – but her parents aren’t thrilled about her working for the FBI.  That was not supposed to be her path.

To learn more, check out my articles at Suite 101.com:

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Whit Collar Cast at San Diego Comic Con


What Jensen Ackles Revealed About Directing at San Diego Comic Con October 15, 2010

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photo courtesy of The CW/Jack Rowand

At the press round table at San Diego Comic Con 2010, Jensen Ackles was asked about his directorial debut on Supernatural‘s fourth episode of the sixth season, an opportunity he had been preparing himself for since season one.  You may read about his answers in my article on Suite 101.com which you can access here:

It’s Good to be Captain: Jensen Ackles Helms Supernatural Tonight

photo courtesy of 2010 Warner Bros Entertainment/Greg Gayne

I also had the opportunity to ask executive producer and sixth season showrunner Sera Gamble for her thoughts on how pleased the writers were with the episode Jensen turned in and her comments are also in the article.

And then in an exclusive, I asked my friend Bob Singer to give me his thoughts on Jensen directing, since Bob has directed many of Suernatural’s episodes and is still an executive producer on the show.  And he was kind enough to provide me with a statement as well.

photo courtesy of The CW/Jack Rowand

However, as always, there is information that one can not fit into an article, space-wise, so for you readers here, I offer the following quote that I didn’t have room for.  When asked about Dean Wincester’s feelings over which of two lives he wants to live, Jensen said: “Well, from what I know so far, you know, it’s a reluctancy[sic], there’s definitely an inner battle between wanting to stay out of the game and wanting to live a life and wanting to be there for this woman and child that he’s now become a family to. There’s also that undeniable urge of being a hunter.  That’s what he does. That’s what he’s known. So that kind of battle of wanting to protect his family,  and keep them as far away from it as possible, but in doing that, he’s getting deeper and deeper back into it.”

Supernatural airs on CW Network on Fridays at 9pm ET/PT. 

Read more at Suite101: It’s Good to be Captain: Jensen Ackles Helms Supernatural Tonight http://www.suite101.com/content/its-good-to-be-captain-jensen-ackles-helms-supernatural-tonight-a297358#ixzz15VhpGIn4

Press coverage on Human Target at San Diego Comic Con 2010 August 29, 2010

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Photo courtesy of 2010 WBEI

Photo courtesy of Brian Taylor/2010 WBEI

This  year at San Diego Comic Con 2010, I was covering the press rooms of various TV shows at San Diego Comic Con 2010.

I attended as many as I could, but Comic Con is so huge these days that many of the press rooms were up against each other or staggered in such a way that you still had to decide between multiple events.

Because I attended both the press room and the panel, I gathered a lot of material. Here is where you can read my four articles at Suite101.com:

1. Human Target As Charlie & Her Angels, Revealed at Comic Con 2010

2. Like It Or Not, Human Target’s Men Got Each Other’s Backs

3. On Becoming Human Targets: Stars and Boss at SD Comic Con 2010

4. Human Target Will Show Team’s Conflicts and Emotions in Season 2.

Photo courtesy of Greg Gayne/2010 WBEI

But even with writing up four articles, there was more information than I had space for.  So I shared some of the tidbits on CAT Scratchings (http://dannygirlpaceyjack.blogspot.com/),  where I wrote up my personal account of doing the press room and I’ll share the rest here.

Showrunner Matt Miller said he loved Human Target way before he took over. He has no control over the time slot but he thinks the Friday night 8 o’clock time slot is great because “people work hard all week, they come home, they want to kick back, and have some fun.”

Photo courtesy of 2010 WBEI

Matt laughed when asked if they were going to get a location budget.  “A location budget?  We’re gonna get a really big effects budget.  You will not know the difference, I promise you.  We’ll be in Vancouver and we’ll not—the other thing about last season, we were in Vancouver but it’s supposed to take place in San Francisco.  But part of season one was Chance shrouded in a little bit of mystery and hiding.  We’re taking away that element and allowing him to be at the forefront and not be in a position where he has to hide from anyone.  And in order to do that, we’re able to use San Francisco as a character in the show he’s in.  You could watch three or four episodes last season and not really know that you’re in San Francisco.  So if we’re not going international, if we’re in our home base, we want to feel it, we want to know it, we want San Francisco to be part of the show.”

Most likely, they will not be shooting anything in San Francisco.   “We’re using a company called Stargate Visual Effects, which has plates and things like that.  They have really wonderful ways to accomplish that in a way that feels like you’re there.” He speculated that they might do a second unit at some point in San Francisco, but as of yet, that hasn’t been budgeted.

For more information, please visit Suite101.com or click on the links above which will take you directly to my articles.

For my personal account of doing the press room for Human Target, please visit my CAT Scratchings blog.

Premiering Stargate: Continuum Movie on an Aircraft Carrier August 12, 2008

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Courtesy San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

USS Midway, Courtesy San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

One of the best things about going to the San Diego Comic-Con 2008 a few weeks ago was the opportunity to see the made-for-DVD movie Stargate: Continuum on the big screen.  And not just any big screen, it was premiered on the flight deck of the decommissioned USS Midway aircraft carrier which is permanently docked at the harbor as a museum.

Skyhawk Aircraft, Courtesy San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

Skyhawk Aircraft, Courtesy San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

It was way cool to walk among real life fighter planes on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier which has had a long and distinguished service history.

A group of Comic Con fans were able to attend this special screening with cast and crew.  Portable wooden chairs were set up on stands on the flight deck. The film was shown on a screen which hung like a curtain. This is just like how the real-life crew of aircraft carriers see movies and special events while on active duty. Did I say this was way cool?

I think that everyone was there. Richard Dean Anderson was sitting three rows in front of me, flanked by Bob Picardo and Amanda Tapping and her husband. Michael Shanks was flanked by wife Lexa Doig and Cliff Simon in the row in front of RDA. Chris Judge who came just in the nick of time, sat in the row behind RDA. Beau Bridges was sitting nearby. I didn’t see Ben Browder until the screening was over, but there were a lot of people who worked on the movie there.

After all, how often do we civilians get to watch a movie on a real aircraft carrier?

Courtesy of C.A.Taylor

Courtesy of C.A.Taylor

In fact, Martin Wood expressed regret to me that the press interviews on the red carpet had taken so long, because he wanted to explore the planes up there.

It was a great way to see the film and a rare special treat. And I want to thank those who made it possible.

Okay, I love ships and planes, but did I say how cool this was?

Courtesy of C.A. Taylor

Courtesy of C.A. Taylor

Courtesy of C.A. Taylor

Courtesy of C.A. Taylor

Torchwood’s Captain Jack and Ianto to Sign Autographs at Comic Con 2008 booth July 14, 2008

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For Torchwood and Doctor Who fans attending this year’s San Diego Comic Con, I’m sure you know about the two panels on Thursday.

But what I haven’t seen announced anywhere is that Holzheimer’s Distribution, which you see selling photos and other TV collectibles at various cons, has brought over from the UK John Barrowman (Captain Jack) and Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto) to Comic Con so that fans can meet and get autographs from them. They will be signing at the Holzheimer’s booth #3845. Both will be signing on Thursday and Friday. Gareth should be there the whole con.

Since it is Mary Lee Holzheimer who is bringing the boys over and not the BBC, she has arranged the schedule so John and Gareth can participate in the Torchwood panel.

Mary Lee regrets that she cannot offer the autographs for free, but she has made them as inexpensive as possible so hopefully all fans who want autographs can afford to get them. Having brought actors over from the UK for conventions years ago, I can testify that it isn’t cheap to do so.

If you want to get the autograph, you have to go to booth #3845 and purchase a basic ticket for $26 (gives you photograph to get autographed, although I’m going to substitute his autobiography Anything Goes and get that signed instead of the photo – can’t wait.)

This ticket will give you the time and place to come back for the signing. The latter is for crowd control because there will be over 100,000 at the convention and sometimes the dealer’s room feels like sardines packed in a can. Prices will vary from $26 for the basic photo and autograph to $60 for limited edition art work.

Just writing this is getting me excited.

The bad news is that if you don’t already have your membership to the Con itself, most likely you won’t be able to attend. Four day passes are already sold out, so is Friday and Saturday. I thought Thursday (when the DW and TW panels are) was sold out too, but apparently there are a few tickets left.

However, be aware that if you aren’t local, there is also the housing problem (and parking). With over 100,000 people coming these last few years, hotel rooms book out in February and March, so make sure you have a place to stay before you come.

For those fans who can’t attend Comic Con and want to participate in this rare opportunity to get an autograph picture from John or Gareth or both (there’s a great picture of their steamy kiss available on the website to buy), Mary Lee has made pre-orders available through the Holzheimer website. Check out the direct link:


Which is for people who can’t attend or don’t want to wait in line. (But I can’t imagine anybody attending the con and not wanting to meet the guys as they sign for you.)

Anyway, I just wanted to alert those who are interested to this happening. I’m not affiliated in any way with Holzheimer’s Distribution, except as one of those fans who is going to be in line for autographs. I just know that I would appreciate somebody sharing info like this with me, because otherwise, I wouldn’t probably know about it until I stumbled onto the booth to say hi to my friends who’d be working there.

And if you do see me wandering around the con, be sure to come up and say hi.