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FlashForward Tribute at PaleyFest2010 is Interesting, but Not As Much Fun As NCIS Panel April 9, 2010

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Joseph Fiennes, photo courtesy of C.A. Taylor

On March 11, 2010, I went to my second PaleyFest2010 tribute at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles for the year. The theater is quite fancy inside with a functioning bar in the center of the lobby.  Still, I liked it better when they were using the DGA theater in past years.

The show being honored was FlashForward, which I have to admit I’m not a big fan of, not like I am for NCIS, but I did enjoy the PaleyFest tribute.  Of the actors present, I was most taken with John Cho, Jack Davenport, Courtney Vance and Dominick Monaghan, because they made the panel discussion fun for the audience.

I wrote up an article on the event, which you can link to here: http://prime-time-dramas.suite101.com/article.cfm/flashforward-fills-in-blanks-for-paleyfest2010

And just like a TV episode gets cut for time, articles get caught in space limitations. So I thought I’d share here a couple of the paragraphs I was forced to cut, since they do contain interesting information.

Gabrielle Union remarked that since they hadn’t told her the wedding flash-forward was really a funeral, she played it with big smiles that in retrospect look ridiculous.

When the moderator started to talk about the chemistry of the cast and when the producers realized they were gelling, Monaghan held hands with Davenport. After Borsicky gave a serious answer, the moderator asked if they grabbed asses right away, to which she answered it was a love affair between Courtney and Jack.

A couple more deleted paragraphs can be found in my writeup on CAT Scratchings on blogspot.com.